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Hey there! My name is Sabrina, I am a professional photographer, an Artist, and an aspiring florist. I love to create art in all forms, ever since I was a little girl I have been playing artist. My love for capturing memories started young, I used to take my Parents camera and take pictures of everything, one day they decided to buy there two little girls digital cameras because well batteries lasted longer then film!. When I was about 20 years old they bought me my first DSLR and a few years later I decided I finally knew what I wanted to do, so off to Vancouver I went in hopes to master the art of photography. With every photo I take I learn a million new things about photography.

Last year I married my other half of 7 years! I would not be where i’m at today without Benjamin, he is my world along with our fur babes. Love stories are my favourite, photographing people who are passionately in love is one of my favourite thing to do. A few more things you should know about me. I am super awkward and almost 60% deaf, I love Animals more then people ( who doesn’t? ) I love flowers and will try to sneak them into most of my shoots! I also create silk flower arrangements, mostly casket sprays for my parents funeral home and a few awesome wedding arches that I would love to do more of! I grew up riding horses, and love to travel.

If you are looking for someone to capture your memories in an artistic and memorable way I am your girl! I will travel across the world with you or follow you around your cozy home. The sky is the limit 🖤