Little Lydia is One

Haven't you heard, fruit bathes are the new cake smash! and birch lace tents are also pretty amazing. 

Arielle is always the best for allowing me to go full creative on her, and always trusting me it will look good. Miss Lydia is as sweet as she looks and I have enjoyed photographing all of her little milestones. I hope she grows up to love flowers because all of her photos so far have involved pretty garden florals. 


Ben & I have A LOT of plants inside and outside, they often make appearances in my photography as they make beautiful props!





Bear was my whole world. In my heart I felt he would live for 16 + years. I truly believed this,  I took the very best care of him. He ate the best food, came everywhere with me (always with a seatbelt on) and got a vet visit for every sneeze that seemed off. My parents would tell you that Ben and I take better care of our dogs than we do our selves (probably true). Not once did I ever think I would need to prepare myself for this.

When we first brought Bear to the vet we thought he had a bladder infection. Who knew we actually were about to find out that our baby boy had much more going on then that. Bear was hospitalized for 3 days due to kidney failure. Thankfully the vet allowed me to spend most of those 3 days by his side at the clinic. We were hoping that the kidney failure was brought on by his severe allergy problems he had been having the last few years. However, on day 3 we found a lump in his chest. We decided to bring him home but with special treatment and the lavish lifestyle of a dog with no rules at all, he even got his couch privileges reinstated. Though we were all happy to have Bear home, that happiness was soon dampened when he showed no improvements but instead went downhill again. We needed more answers, so he went back to the vet for an ultrasound. Thank goodness these vet visits were not stressful for Bear like they are for his Brother Roo. Bear loved every minute he got to spend at the vet clinic with Dr.Zoe (I have the bills to prove it!). When it came time for the ultrasound, I requested that we not sedate him (as he'd been drugged enough as it was) the vets and techs all agreed that they trusted the gentleman that Bear was enough to do it without it.  We held his head and they stretched his legs out so they could ultra sound his entire belly, Bear laid there patiently for 45 mins while they pushed the ultrasound stick deep into his belly to try to see what was going on in his kidneys. We were all so proud of him and his tolerance and trust for anything I would ask of him. 

The ultrasound proved that it was cancer and it was so much worse then we could have ever imagined. Bear lost his appetite and went down hill quickly. From the first doctors visit to the last was two weeks, the longest two weeks of our lives. Even then we had no idea how short those two weeks really were. We had to say goodbye to our baby boy on April 2.

I miss him every single day, Bear was the centre of my world, he was my fur child. Bear would do anything I asked him to do, he recently endured a years long modelling job at my photography school, l where he made some new human friends. He went to dog therapy training because his mom (I) made him, he swam with me no matter how crazy cold the water I was getting into was, he did anything for me. He would go everywhere with me with the biggest smile on his face. He loved road trips as much as we do and was happy to sit in the car for hours with us. Bear loved every single person he met, except one (but I approved of that), Bear was a heart stealer. Our life is very different now and we are all adjusting to a new home without his smiling face, he stole the spotlight (by force) in our home for six and a half years. Bear was the squeaker of the toys, the one that chased Kitty all day and played hide and seek with her at night. He convinced Roo that life was more exciting if you bark at the mail lady or have a wrestling match on mom and dads bed. I swear he would injure himself just so he could get more attention from Ben and I, he loved being babied. If Bear wasn't getting enough attention he would come up to us and look us right in the eyes and growl till he got a pat on the head and if you were sitting on the ground you could bet you would have a Bear in your lap! He made us laugh every day. Bear had a soul I have yet to meet in another dog, at times I swear he thought he should have been a human and was put in the wrong body.

Today is Bears birthday and he would have been 7.
Happy Birthday to my Angel, Bear.   



Bath time with Kitty happened often because of Bears allergies 


Killing time at the clinic with friends and snuggles

When Bear first came back from the hospital I left my camera out for the last two weeks we had and tried to capture every little moment.


A few random favourites 

These are just a few of the 1 million photo's of Bear!

The little house

Most of you haven't been to The Studio, aka The Little House, you may not even know about it! 

Well now you do! I have a cute little studio, you can find it at 10212 17th street cozied right up beside Bergeron's Funeral Home. (Fun fact, my parents are Gerry and Peggy owners of Bergeron Funeral Services!) This cute little white house is more than just a Studio for me, it is a second home full of memories. In fact, it was actually my second home. Our family moved in when my Mom and Dad bought the building and began renovating to open up their funeral home. We spent a few years in this tiny little house, we had many birthday parties and great times here. Eventually, Mom and Dad decided it was time to move into a larger house but, couldn't seem to part with this cozy gem. My grandparents and wonderful cousin Melissa, spent time in this house along with other family members in need of a rental. Anna and DJ also lived here after loosing their home in a fire. I have many memories visiting everyone in this tiny little house.  

Today I am lucky to rent The Little House as my Studio and carry on the memories

The Little House is now my photography Studio with a space for a little silk floral room; it is also home to Katie Tanner's, 'Captured by Katie', newborn photography! As you will notice I also love to have company while I am working away, so please if you see my Jeep in the driveway come in and say Hi. 


Here is a little sneak peak!

Robyn's Farm

When my wonderful friends Kathy and Alex came to visit Ben and I in July, we had an awesome time together going on a new adventure every day! One day, on the long drive back from the Bennet Dam I was scrolling through Facebook and came across my friend Robyns add, she was selling some adorable piglets! So I was thrilled to turn to Kathy - who I forgot to mention is a lover of all animals (owner of Vancouver Pet Photography) - and ask her, if I were to tell you we could go to a farm with baby piglets and take pictures of them how excited would you be? Her reaction was exactly what I had expected, she was over the moon with excitement. So I sent Robyn a message with our weird photographer request, "haha may we please come out and take pictures of your piggies!" She said yes! Of course, because she is a sweetheart. Kathy who is a city girl from Venezuela currently living in Vancouver, B.C. had never had the chance to take pictures on a farm filled with piglets before, so we rolled around with pigs for, no lie, 2.5 hours! And just when we thought we were ready to leave Robyn said "hey I have this really cute donkey you might want to see!" Of course we did! On our way over to the donkey we were distracted by two sweet foals, a pony, cows, and some cute sheep! Robyn didn't mind at all and let us take as many photos as we wanted. Needless to say Kathy and Alex were able to see the sweetest little animal farm ever! 

Thank you so much Robyn for making our day and entertaining us!

xoxo Sabrina & Kathy

Go check out Kathy Instagram for some adorable animals of all kinds! (you will also see some of these sweet little piggies there!)

Grandma May

On the day my family lost our sweet Grandma May I was in the middle of packing preparing to move from Vancouver to Dawson Creek. As the day went on packing didn't seem to be what I should be doing so I grabbed my camera and went for a drive. I ended up driving out to Lynn Canyon where I stopped at the Maple Leaf Garden Centre which turned out to be exactly what I needed. Grandma May loved flowers and anything colourful. This greenhouse was full of fragrance, beauty and life. 

Bernese babies

Furry bundles of love

I had no idea these sweet babies were right next door! I probably spent an hour rolling around in the grass with these fur balls. I learnt today that it is really hard to photograph a bunch of playful puppies while not having your camera gnawed on!

If you love anything fluffy keep scrolling!
Little rascal

Little rascal

Behind the scenes of puppy photography!

Behind the scenes of puppy photography!

Oh pineapple

Sometimes I find myself bored and not knowing what to do with my days and its hard to be creative. I have been wanting to do some food photography for a long time but my kitchen hasn't been inspiring me at all. Apryl convinced me to come and use her beautiful newly renovated ( By her!) home, Instead of going out into the snow storm and building props first!

We had a lot of fun!


Apryl is the pineapple head