Grandma May

On the day my family lost our sweet Grandma May I was in the middle of packing preparing to move from Vancouver to Dawson Creek. As the day went on packing didn't seem to be what I should be doing so I grabbed my camera and went for a drive. I ended up driving out to Lynn Canyon where I stopped at the Maple Leaf Garden Centre which turned out to be exactly what I needed. Grandma May loved flowers and anything colourful. This greenhouse was full of fragrance, beauty and life. 

Bernese babies

Furry bundles of love

I had no idea these sweet babies were right next door! I probably spent an hour rolling around in the grass with these fur balls. I learnt today that it is really hard to photograph a bunch of playful puppies while not having your camera gnawed on!

If you love anything fluffy keep scrolling!
Little rascal

Little rascal

Behind the scenes of puppy photography!

Behind the scenes of puppy photography!

Oh pineapple

Sometimes I find myself bored and not knowing what to do with my days and its hard to be creative. I have been wanting to do some food photography for a long time but my kitchen hasn't been inspiring me at all. Apryl convinced me to come and use her beautiful newly renovated ( By her!) home, Instead of going out into the snow storm and building props first!

We had a lot of fun!


Apryl is the pineapple head