Robyn's Farm

When my wonderful friends Kathy and Alex came to visit Ben and I in July, we had an awesome time together going on a new adventure every day! One day, on the long drive back from the Bennet Dam I was scrolling through Facebook and came across my friend Robyns add, she was selling some adorable piglets! So I was thrilled to turn to Kathy - who I forgot to mention is a lover of all animals (owner of Vancouver Pet Photography) - and ask her, if I were to tell you we could go to a farm with baby piglets and take pictures of them how excited would you be? Her reaction was exactly what I had expected, she was over the moon with excitement. So I sent Robyn a message with our weird photographer request, "haha may we please come out and take pictures of your piggies!" She said yes! Of course, because she is a sweetheart. Kathy who is a city girl from Venezuela currently living in Vancouver, B.C. had never had the chance to take pictures on a farm filled with piglets before, so we rolled around with pigs for, no lie, 2.5 hours! And just when we thought we were ready to leave Robyn said "hey I have this really cute donkey you might want to see!" Of course we did! On our way over to the donkey we were distracted by two sweet foals, a pony, cows, and some cute sheep! Robyn didn't mind at all and let us take as many photos as we wanted. Needless to say Kathy and Alex were able to see the sweetest little animal farm ever! 

Thank you so much Robyn for making our day and entertaining us!

xoxo Sabrina & Kathy

Go check out Kathy Instagram for some adorable animals of all kinds! (you will also see some of these sweet little piggies there!)