The little house

Most of you haven't been to The Studio, aka The Little House, you may not even know about it! 

Well now you do! I have a cute little studio, you can find it at 10212 17th street cozied right up beside Bergeron's Funeral Home. (Fun fact, my parents are Gerry and Peggy owners of Bergeron Funeral Services!) This cute little white house is more than just a Studio for me, it is a second home full of memories. In fact, it was actually my second home. Our family moved in when my Mom and Dad bought the building and began renovating to open up their funeral home. We spent a few years in this tiny little house, we had many birthday parties and great times here. Eventually, Mom and Dad decided it was time to move into a larger house but, couldn't seem to part with this cozy gem. My grandparents and wonderful cousin Melissa, spent time in this house along with other family members in need of a rental. Anna and DJ also lived here after loosing their home in a fire. I have many memories visiting everyone in this tiny little house.  

Today I am lucky to rent The Little House as my Studio and carry on the memories

The Little House is now my photography Studio with a space for a little silk floral room; it is also home to Katie Tanner's, 'Captured by Katie', newborn photography! As you will notice I also love to have company while I am working away, so please if you see my Jeep in the driveway come in and say Hi. 


Here is a little sneak peak!